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Dr. Mehmet Alper USLU was born in Bolu, Turkey. He received B.Sc, M.Sc and Ph.D degrees in 2010, 2012 and 2016 in Electronics and Communications engineering from Dogus University respectively.He has published more than 15 papers in international journals and international/national conferences.
Due to his research on applied electromagnetic, he is bestowed Leopold B. Felsen Excellence in Electromagnetics award in 2011. He completed his graduate education with high honor degree and received Outstanding Achievement award from Dogus University. He is also granted visiting scholar award from University of Massachusetts Lowell – USA in 2012.
He developed OS/Firmware for ARM based SOCs, Radar Cross Section Simulator, Numerical Tool for analyzing scattered fields formed from wedge shaped obstacles, A Novel Filter design software which automates Kuroda Transformations. He took part in various national, international conference organization committees.
His research interests are diffraction theory, radar system design,computational electromagnetics, RF Microwave circuits and systems, EMC, Digital Signal Processing Algorithms, Real-time/Embedded Software Development, Radar Cross Section modeling, Stealth technology and Aerodynamics.
He is a member of IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society. His hobbies are winter sports, chess, photography, and reading.
He is currently working at NETAS.

My Projects

EM simulator is developed by using finite-difference time domain(FDTD) method to analyze antenna radiation patterns and radar cross sections.
Java based SSH client is developed to automate various tasks be performed on program Nortel's Product Library System (PLS) such as update/module creation, listing operation etc. This software also includes tiny SFTP module to access/edit files without need to use external SFTP software. GAP test environment tool is also supported and all GAP commands can be ran via graphical user interface (GUI).
Microwave filter synthesis software is developed to ease filter design process. The user just needs to specify filter properties and the rest is handled by the program. Both lumped, and distributed schematics are created and frequency response is plotted. The program also enables user to export designed filter in GDSII format which is the most common format used in commerical EM simulators.
Wedge is a canonical geometry used to construct high frequency asymptotic solution for diffracted fields. Matlab based wedge diffraction analysis software is introduced to analyze diffracted fields radiated from perfectly electrical conductor wedge of variable apex angle. In this software, diffracted fields can be analyzed with high frequency asymptotic methods (GO, PO, GTD, PTD) and FDTD method.
Filter, low noise amplifier (LNA), oscillator, mixer and power amplifier is designed for 1.5 GHz amplitude modulated (AM) signals. Agilent's Advanced Design Software (ADS) is used for simulation of component and system performance.
Internal handover is a new handover type introduced by A interface over IP feature. This is a kind of Intra-BSS handover in which MSC is included in handover procedure from the beginning. Within the context of this project, new BSSMAP messages are defined and handover procedures are implemented in Kapsch's Mobile Switching Center (MSC) product.
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